Meet Ups

Excited to say that I’ve created a support group. Beginning January we will be meeting up three days a week to exercise.

Our exercise will include walking, the bleachers, stretching, hiking, and light jogging.

This journey is definitely an experience that I will never forget. Although it seems as though my overweight issues occurred overnight. It took time to build up along with many negative choices.

It’s official this journey is beginning to evolve. I look forward to sharing pictures, journaling, meeting people, and experiencing change as it occurs.

Before my grandmother passed away she told me about a dream she had. In her dream I had lost my weight, and told her that I never wanted to go back to that lifestyle of bondage again.

This means so much to me now, because I know that it also meant a lot to her.

I look forward to meeting up with friends and family encouraging each other to push on.

I look forward to posting in my Facebook group, Instagram, and blogging a lifestyle change.

So I am officially saying goodbye to negative choices, bad habits, poor decisions and my overweight self.

Hello change, hello life, hello world, hello opportunities and hello Healthier version of me.

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