Tracking A Completely New Level Of Journey.

I somehow managed to stumble across an app for tracking my food. Initially I told myself this is going to be a complete waste of time I don’t need to track my food.

Reality is that if I’m going to survive on this journey, and see it through my thought process about tracking my food has to change.

It’s not just important yet vital that I maintain some type of journal depicting everything I consume.

It’s also vital that I begin to keep track of my calories. This is something my doctor has suggested so that I maintain a diet of 2000 calories a day.

Initially I thought to myself completely psycho. Who in their right mind can live life on 2000 calories a day especially when I come from eating more than that.

Having downloaded this free app has been very beneficial for me so far. One of the things I love is how I’m giving a daily amount of points.

Throughout the day I input what I consume. Each meal takes away from my points, and once I’m done that’s it.

Going through this app and figuring out how to work it. Has really put my journey to a new level. Greatful for the changes and growth.

One step at a time.