When Journaling And Planning Is At It’s Best.

Sitting here listening to motivational speakers with my planner and journal at hand. One can simply look at them, and see that they too have encountered adventures of there own.

My journal alone encases stories of laughter, happy thoughts, trials, tribulations, hurtful circumstances, struggles, burdens, barriers, failures, and reevaluations.

It would be far from the truth if I told you that 2019 sailed through without any tears. In fact it would be far from the truth if I even thought to myself that this was not a trying year.

I realize that now’s the time for me to prepare my year 2020. My journals and planner have been used and are ready to be capsulized. One day my son will sit back with his feet propped up reading my thoughts, prayers, cries out to God and words. While gaining a greater understanding of who his mom is, and how God used my circumstances to keep me strong.

So I sit here relaxing, reflecting, and using both my planner and journal for nearly the last time.

In my planner I’m putting together a list of items I need to purchase tomorrow for the new year.

Planner, Journal, Pens, Highlighters, markers, candle etc.

In my journal I write a letter to my son in his future years. I tell him all that comes to mind and is on my heart. I give him advice and take notes of how he is now.

I think to myself that although sometimes I feel tired. Writing in my journal and planner are necessary and we’ll worth it, because it is my son who will gain a side of his mother. A side that perhaps my son might not have known MEMORIES.

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