Tracking My Way To A Healthier Me

For years I was unable to walk as I wanted to. My feet would throb with pain at the very thought of continually moving forward.

I often wondered what was the problem why was I in so much pain and what did I ever do to deserve it.

At some point in life I found myself contemplating all that I have done. I thought about all that I have been through in an effort to seek answers for why I was going through this.

I was unable to wear flats or heels or boots instead I was left with only wearing comfortable tennis shoes.

When I walked my stride would have to be very slow I would have to pace myself so that I wouldn’t overstrain myself.

I had been going through a battle which lasted for what seems like forever and in the mist of that battle coming to an end.

I recall suddenly realizing that my feet no longer hurt. I was in a position to where I was left with no choice but to wear flats.

during the final chapter of this very lengthy and long battle I recall putting my hands on my feet and I sat there to praying asking God to heal my feet so that they would be no more pain.

I asked and it was done not only was I able to wear flats for that one particular day I’ve been wearing them ever since.

So here I am today with tennis shoes on my feet, but this time the journey is much different. I wear these tennis shoes so that I can walk my way to a healthier and better lifestyle.

And it’s the small changes that end of amounting to bigger lifestyle advances.

I’ve managed to download a pedometer this helps me to become accountable with keeping myself aware of wanting to move more throughout the day knowing that each step is counted.

To most this might not appear to be much, but to me it means a lot. This time next year things will have improved.

Morning Routine For SelfCare

I’m learning the importance of Self Care. As a mom it used to be that my mornings were dedicated to cleaning, cooking, and getting my son prepared for the day.

Now that time has passed and my son has gotten a bit older. I am mastering the skilled art of waking up before dawn, and spending time with myself.

Stretching, praying, worshipping, meditating on God’s voice of wisdom and guidance are all a part of how I do my morning self care.

I am also beginning to to incorporate things like washing my face, writing, and preparing anything that could make my day a bit more smooth. For instance if for whatever reason my meal prep has run out, or perhaps I didn’t complete meal prepping. I take this time to get it done.

I take time to pray for not only myself, but for those around me. For people I have come across, or things that have been placed on my heart. I pray for social media, and our country/world as a whole.

The one thing I love to say as soon as I wake up is “This is the day that the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalms 118:24 I like to make this scripture personal by changing the word we to I.

If for whatever reason my attitude was not right. This alone helps to reshape my perspective.

Taking time out for me helps me to be, and become a much better person. I am ready for the day, and taking on my task become that much easier.

When Journaling And Planning Is At It’s Best.

Sitting here listening to motivational speakers with my planner and journal at hand. One can simply look at them, and see that they too have encountered adventures of there own.

My journal alone encases stories of laughter, happy thoughts, trials, tribulations, hurtful circumstances, struggles, burdens, barriers, failures, and reevaluations.

It would be far from the truth if I told you that 2019 sailed through without any tears. In fact it would be far from the truth if I even thought to myself that this was not a trying year.

I realize that now’s the time for me to prepare my year 2020. My journals and planner have been used and are ready to be capsulized. One day my son will sit back with his feet propped up reading my thoughts, prayers, cries out to God and words. While gaining a greater understanding of who his mom is, and how God used my circumstances to keep me strong.

So I sit here relaxing, reflecting, and using both my planner and journal for nearly the last time.

In my planner I’m putting together a list of items I need to purchase tomorrow for the new year.

Planner, Journal, Pens, Highlighters, markers, candle etc.

In my journal I write a letter to my son in his future years. I tell him all that comes to mind and is on my heart. I give him advice and take notes of how he is now.

I think to myself that although sometimes I feel tired. Writing in my journal and planner are necessary and we’ll worth it, because it is my son who will gain a side of his mother. A side that perhaps my son might not have known MEMORIES.