Mind Over Matter

Last night I tried something different. As I prepared myself for bed I began to mentally prep for today.

On this journey I have already learned that a major key to success is preparation. Not just minimum preparation, but preparation for all that I do.

So last night I embarked on another avenue of change. As I sat in bed listening to motivational speakers plant seeds of wisdom and encouragement in my thoughts I began to prep for today.

I layed there with my eyes closed, and visioned myself walking up to my closet picking out what I would wear. In my mind I saw myself getting things layed out.

I took out my purple/blue dress, my purple leggings, my flats, my purse, accessories, and I even got my hairstyle picked out. I visioned that I would clean my room and tidy up the house.

My vision continued until I saw myself in my car, and on the road. Although this process is new to me. This is a process that I can see helping me through out my journey.

There are times when I will have to realize that my journey is Mind Over Matter. Taking time out before bed to vision my morning process is definitely beneficial and worth doing.

Mind Over Matter