Small Things Amount To Bigger Changes.

My basket had several items in it, and it would been impossible for me to carry everything on my own.

As I began to walk away with my purchase a tall, thin gentleman behind me asked if I had gotten my bags.

To my surprise a blessing had occurred. I went into the store on a strict budget which did not have any room for eras or to even purchase a bag.

Greatful I recall having thanked him more than once. Each time he looked at me and said “small things, small things”

This random act of kindness helped to zero in on one important fact about my journey.

With each small step, with each small change. I’m moving forward to an even greater outcome.

For years I was used to fast food, greasy food, unhealthy food and food that was no good for me.

The small thing of changing the way I eat such as having a salad and can of sardines for lunch. Or swapping out my chips for a quick and much healthier seaweed snack. Small things such as waking up earlier to pamper myself and fix myself up. These small things matter and help me move in the direction of success.

I didn’t just go to the store and purchase a few items. I learned a very valuable lesson in life.

Small things matter, and in this season in my life it is the small changes that are amounting to greater outcomes.

So to the gentleman who acted out of faith with an gesture of “small things”

Thank You

Seaweed Crisp sweet and spicy.

Learning to eat healthy is a journey, but sardines have been amazing.