Meal Prep For The Weekend.

This has been a very successful week in terms of reaching my goals. I pushed forward and exercised, Intermittent Fasting, portion control, cut back on taking in too many carbs, and now meal prep for the weekend.

In my past failures I would do good throughout the week, and mess up on weekends.

I often found myself having takeout for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast street tacos, lunch fried chicken, and of course dinner pizza.

Although I Know it takes time and dedication I’m determined to be successful this time around.

I have managed to meal prep for this weekend. It took time but it’s worth it, and the benefits outweigh the time I spent prepping and cooking.

My weekend meal prep for lunch will be simple. A salad with no fuss, and sardines. For snack I’ll keep it simple working with what I have dried cranberries, and for dinner I’ve cooked. Chicken Breast, broccoli and roasted artichoke hearts tossed with a bit of feta cheese, and last but not least I have prepared some savory cubed yams.

One step at a time

Grilled Artichoke with Broccoli and Feta cheese.
Herb Chicken Breast w Marsala
Savory baked Yams