Lunch Date For One

Today marked a milestone for me because I did something I never pictured myself doing as a mom. Lately, I have felt a tug at my heart nudging me to treat myself out and do things for me. Dress myself up, get my nails done, do my hair and take myself out on a date.

Not only was it for myself but it made a very big impression and difference to my son. The sound of my son’s voice this morning when he saw me “mom you look beautiful” somehow made me feel even more special.

I drove around running errands and talking to my mom trying to figure out exactly where to treat myself. Just then my mom told me that I needed to find a little hole in the wall for the best experience.

Knowing that I am embarking on a lifestyle change to better my health and weight loss journey. I felt that it was important to find something a bit healthier than I am used to.

I came across this diamond jewel called “Los 3 Pollos” in the city of Compton. When I walked in the atmosphere was suttle. I stood looking at there huge menu with images of each item listed.

Finally, I decided on my purchase the half grilled chicken plate, rice, and beans, homemade tortillas, grilled onions and chili with fresh homemade salsa not to mention chorizo on the side.

In total, I paid $16.15 for my order chunk change compared to the amount of food I received. I sat down as the waiter brought me my food along with a cup of ice water. The music began playing and I somehow felt as though I were in an authentic restaurant in Mexico.

I had half a tortilla, two pieces of chicken, a piece of chorizo and some beans. Not only was the food good, inexpensive, and worth it but I had enough food leftover for my son and me to have dinner.

Today was a day I will never forget because I was able to put my thoughts aside and treat myself out. I got dressed up and enjoyed my own company. To top things off I made a better choice of food and portion control.

Not only did I take myself on a lunch date, but I even managed to not have to cook dinner success.