Struggling to stay alive………

I arrived to work earlier than usual just to get a head start on getting inside. Although the parking area was not too far from the front double doors of the Elementary School the distance felt as though it were a world away.

I got out of my car and paced myself very slowly towards the exit gate, and from there I found myself struggling to hold tight to the metal fence as I walked down the street. Once I got halfway down I stopped struggling to get a hold of my breath.

With each step I took my breath became even shorter and shorter. Finally I was able to turn the corner which meant that now I was even closer to the steps and those giant red  double doors.

Although my health was not good I became even more aware of my surroundings. The car coming from up the street, the birds that were flying overhead, the sound of the children on the playground playing, and the very sound of my breath breathing deep.

I was dedicated on showing up to work knowing that at home I had a son to take care of. Being a single mom is not an easy job yet at the end of the day he’s well taken care of and provided for. This is what mattered to me, and this is what helped me to push myself to show up and do my job.

The day went on as the students laughed, played, made jokes, and approached me for help. Even though I did not have the energy and I felt as though I was barely there I was getting the job done.

At some point my supervisor approached me wanting to know how I was doing, yet it became obvious to her that it was not too good. Perhaps I had some sort of cold and needed some energy, so she went and got me a club soda giving me a brief burst of energy.

A bit later I was not doing any better, so I left work early and got my mom to accompany me to the doctor’s office. Thank God I have a mom who supports and loves me so much that she never hesitates when needed.

As I saw my doctor the news was not good you see my glucose level was over 600 in fact the meter would not even read it. My doctor allowed me to leave under the conditions that (1) I was not the driver and (2) I went to the emergency room right away, and made absolutely no detours…………………..