A Teacher who really strives…..

A few days ago I wrote about my son dealing with some issues at school, and having to change his classroom. Although it has only been a few days as a parent I can see a huge difference, and I trust that my son is in good hands.

Going into the first week this new teacher has already put forth such a huge effort in making sure that my son is on the right track. When it comes to school my son got off to a late start, because of my struggles as a single parent. Although I worked for the school district financially I could not afford the $700 dollar monthly tab for him to be in school.

Can you believe it the district that I loved and worked for was charging me to put my son in daycare. As a result my son was not exposed to early childhood learning in an actual school based environment.

I am sure I will get a lot of raised eyebrows and turned heads for this, however as a single mom I worked three jobs to keep the bills paid and a roof over our heads. This was not an easy task because my mom had to personally step up and help out with taking care of my son while she was working the field of ministry herself.

When I was finally able to get my son into Kinder the struggle really became real. I was that parent that found myself running around the car in efforts to catch my running son whom had no intentions of being at school. On the days that I was successful in getting him to stay in class ironically he somehow fell ill and needed to be picked up early. The truth was that my son just was not ready for school.

Now that he has been placed in a new class with a teacher who obviously has perfected the craft of being a very good, take charge, innovative, and hard working teacher. I can see and tell that my son is going to thrive in her class.

Sometimes the truth hurts so when she pulled me aside and told me that we have take him back to the basics with his reading, alphabets, and phonics. I was not shocked a bit hurt because no parent wants their child to struggle, however the important thing is that you identify the struggle, address it, and find a solution to take care of it.

I am confident that she has not only helped to identify, yet she has also given me the tools to work with him at home while she works with him in class. This is the kind of teacher that everyone should want their child to have. A teacher who cares and really does strive for her students to learn, and do their best in learning.