Anti Bully Program Needed

Today I found myself at my sons school, yet I thank God that the principle and office staff did a great job. Since this school year has begun I encouraged my son to be nice to a student who has displayed behavioral problems. As time went on  tables turned and my son began to have problems from items coming up missing, being talked about called names, and being bullied.


Eventually I began to tell my son that perhaps the best thing for this student would be prayer, however I then found myself encouraging him to stay away from him. I know that kids will be kids and that as a parent I have to just trust that my son will learn to make the right choices and decisions.


As time continued to pass my son tried his best to stay away from this student, yet the bullying continued as this student began to become persistent in mistreating my son. The bullying began to turn physical where my son was having to deal with having his back jumped on etc. all at the hands of this student. It was decided that one of the solutions was to change my sons class room so that he would not be in the same class as the other student.I had finally had enough I mean no parent wants to know that their child is being bullied at school. Giving the media and the way the world is going our children are suffering so much and sometimes events turn tragic.


I realized that my son school takes a week and promotes Anti Bullying, however I now ask myself what more can be done. For the student who feels all alone walking in the hallway or into class with the feeling of being ridiculed and bullied. More has to be done for the student who gets talked about for something so little such as the clothes or shoes they ware. The student who sits alone at lunch time or never gets a recess because no one will play with them.


How is it that we have come to a time where this is taking place, and what contributes to this. As a mother I try very hard to teach my son core principles, to treat people the way you want to be treated, to become friends with the student that no one wants to be around simply because they do not have or for some strange reason they do not fit in.


I recall growing up and what my childhood was like. I remember being on the playground interacting with other students my age and how innocent those days were. our mindset was far from talking about one another, trying to make each other feel bad, or judge someone because of what they have or do not have.


Then I recall going into the ninth grade in the inner city, and although I only did one year before my mom shipped me off to my grandmothers in a much better community. I too was bullied, talked about, picked on, and even suffered being bullied because I chose not to hang out with the wrong crowed.


There has to be something that we can do besides a week long dedication to Anti Bullying. Students need to be more educated on how it can alter or change someones life for the worse. If we can spend a lot of time on phones, computers, cars and luxury items, then I am certain that we can take time (which cost nothing) to spend time with our kids and really talk to them about their behavior and how they treat others.