Strength Through The Eyes Of A Child

IMG_1176Today my sons soccer team played against a team they had played before. This time they won the game in spite of the challenges they faced from the cold weather and rain. I sit here thinking about the amount of strength and determination my son has at such a young age, however this is something that he has always shown.


I recall waking up one morning when my son was just a few months old. Although he was just an infant I quickly realized that my son was a bit more fussy than usual (a mother knows her child). I tried everything I could to comfort him from feeding, playing, singing etc. At some point I went to change his diaper and there it was a major problem. My son had blood in his diaper so I immediately rushed him to the Emergency Room. Doctors were having a hard time figuring out what was going on, and had already sent us to have X-rays done.


I sat there with my son and my aunt who had rushed her way over to the hospital to be with us. I recall praying and felt as though God had placed it on my heart to have them check his intestines. Once we got back to the X-ray room I told him what was placed on my heart about my sons intestines so he replied that he was going to have a look. To our surprise there was the problem my sons intestines if you could imagine were kind of like a telescope retracting into itself. The X-ray tech was surprised at how they had managed to miss this and yet it had been placed on my heart to have it checked out.


To make a long story short my aunt and I questioned if we could take him to a different hospital with my aunt being a social worker we figured that this particular hospital would better suit my sons needs (the hospital we were in did not have a specialist for my sons case). We were immediately approached by hospital staff from Doctors, Nursers, Administrative Staff, and even Directors letting us know that we would not be able to take my son anywhere and if we did we would be arrested because of his condition. They managed to transport both my son and I in an ambulance to a different hospital who had already called in their specialist to come and help my son.


As a parent it was not easy watching them try everything from laying my son on a piece of glass with tubes running out of him as they held him like a roasting pig, to giving him a transplant because he had lost so much blood, to ultimately having to perform a life saving surgery on my son removing a portion of his intestines and some organs. The great thing is that God was with us the entire time, however the hard thing was the entire ordeal and the recovery process itself. So today when I saw my son sitting the game out on the side line because of an injury   IMG_1163 I realized that this kid lets nothing hold him back with his strength and determination.