The Walk Of Single Parenting

This morning was a bit of rush as I was taking my son to school. You see about a week ago my son and I ventured into the Sherriff station where my son made a friend. In spite of the negativity that has circulated in our media lately we were embraced and welcomed. My sons new friend is in fact a Deputy Sherriff who took the time out of his schedule to have a talk with my son about life, friendship, behavior etc. As a mom I became overjoyed as my son sat engaged in a conversation that was meaningful to him. I was overjoyed when the officer looked my seven year old in the face telling him that they would always be friends, and that if my son ever needed someone to talk to, ask questions, have a casual conversation, or even create artwork for he told my son that  he was more than willing to be that person. So over the weekend my son decided to create a friendship bottle which is basically the same concept as Galaxy In A Bottle but a bit different. He chose three colors (1) Green- my sons favorite color (2) Yellow- Friendship and (3) Blue- The Universe God’s Creation. Something so small made my sons day as he proudly walked into the Sherriff station holding so tight to this Friendship Bottle. Although his friend had stepped out for a second they were more than willing to give my son the tools he needed to write his friend a note. On it was a description  of his Friendship Bottle, and a message explaining how he wanted to know if it were possible for him to come and talk to his class about bullying and stealing. Little things like this was enough to make my sons day and put such joy in my heart as I watched him proudly walk into school the walk of being a single parent.

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